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Washington, D.C. 20549
Form 6-K
Report of Foreign Private Issuer
Pursuant to Rule 13a-16 or 15d-16
of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
January 26, 2011
Commission File Number: 1-15174
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
(Translation of registrant’s name into English)
Wittelsbacherplatz 2
D-80333 Munich
Federal Republic of Germany
(Address of principal executive offices)
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Resolutions from the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
At the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Siemens AG on January 25, 2011, resolutions were passed on Items 3 — 14 of the Agenda. The exact wording of the resolutions is set out on the Notice of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and the Addendum thereto, furnished under cover of Siemens AG’s Form 6-K dated December 7, 2010, and December 22, 2010, respectively. The following are the detailed voting results (percentages represent approximations):
            In % of                                      
    Valid votes     capital                                     Agenda
Resolutions   cast*     stock     YES VOTES     NO VOTES     item
Agenda item 3
(Allocation of net income)
    377,938,607       41.341 %     377,640,879       99.921 %     297,728       0.079 %   approved
Agenda item 4
(Ratification of the acts of the Managing Board)
    371,870,720       40.677 %     368,566,474       99.111 %     3,304,246       0.889 %   approved
Agenda item 5
(Ratification of the acts of the Supervisory Board)
    352,555,624       38.564 %     349,142,413       99.032 %     3,413,211       0.968 %   approved
Agenda item 6
(Approval of the compensation system for Managing Board members)
    369,183,673       40.383 %     357,008,435       96.702 %     12,175,238       3.298 %   approved
Agenda item 7
(Appointment of independent auditors)
    379,131,838       41.471 %     378,132,813       99.736 %     999,025       0.264 %   approved
Agenda item 8
(Repurchase and use of Siemens shares)
    379,689,394       41.532 %     364,855,952       96.093 %     14,833,442       3.907 %   approved

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            In % of                                      
    Valid votes     capital                                     Agenda
Resolutions   cast*     stock     YES VOTES     NO VOTES     item
Agenda item 9
(Use of derivatives in connection with the repurchase of Siemens shares)
    379,310,477       41.491 %     365,521,469       96.365 %     13,789,008       3.635 %   approved
Agenda item 10
(Creation of an Authorized Capital 2011)
    379,641,981       41.527 %     379,009,599       99.833 %     632,382       0.167 %   approved
Agenda item 11
(Adjustment of Supervisory Board compensation)
    367,997,038       40.253 %     343,032,379       93.216 %     24,964,659       6.784 %   approved
Agenda item 12
(Profit-and-loss transfer agreement with a subsidiary)
    377,508,561       41.294 %     377,095,787       99.891 %     412,774       0.109 %   approved
Agenda item 13
(Issue of convertible bonds and/or warrant bonds and creation of a Conditional Capital 2011)
    379,151,130       41.473 %     350,786,330       92.519 %     28,364,800       7.481 %   approved
Agenda item 14
(Amendment to §2 of the Articles of Association of Siemens AG)
    374,661,149       40.982 %     10,127,031       2.703 %     364,534,118       97.297 %   rejected
*   Equals the number of shares for which valid votes have been cast

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Dividend Announcement
(The following is an English translation of the original German-language publication appearing in the German Electronic Federal Gazette)
Dividend announcement
WKN 723610 / ISIN DE0007236101
The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on January 25, 2011, resolved that the net income in the amount of € 2,468,349,236.70 for the preceding fiscal year 2009/2010 shall be used to pay a dividend of € 2.70 on each no-par value share entitled to receive a dividend. The amount attributable to the treasury stock held by the Company on the date of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting will be carried forward.
The dividend is payable beginning on January 26, 2011, generally after deduction of 25% withholding tax and a 5.5% solidarity surcharge on the withholding tax (totaling 26.375%) and, if applicable, church tax on the withholding tax. Payment of the dividend will be effected by the depository bank via Clearstream Banking AG.
The deduction of the withholding tax as well as the solidarity surcharge are not applicable to domestic shareholders who have submitted to their depositary bank either a so-called non-assessment certification (“Nichtveranlagungsbescheinigung”) or a so-called tax exemption form (“Freistellungsauftrag”) with sufficient exemption volume.
In the case of foreign shareholders, the withholding tax, including the solidarity surcharge, can be reduced via an application for refund, subject to the applicable double taxation treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the relevant country.
Berlin and Munich, January 2011
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
The Managing Board

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     Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.
Date: January 26, 2011  /s/ Dr. Andreas C. Hoffmann    
  Name:   Dr. Andreas C. Hoffmann   
  Title:   General Counsel Corporate & Finance   
  /s/ Dr. Christian A. Bleiweiss    
  Name:   Dr. Christian A. Bleiweiss   
  Title:   Senior Counsel, Head of Capital Markets
(Legal Corporate & Finance)