Braze Introduces New Data Integration Innovations to Help Brands Create Personalized, Cross-Channel Campaigns Faster

New features and partnerships help streamline data integration and reduce data complexities to break down silos between marketing and technical teams

Braze (Nasdaq: BRZE), the comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and the brands they love, unveiled today new and enhanced data features, partnerships, and functionality to help brands streamline data integration and reduce time-to-value. Leveraging these advancements, brands will be able to easily access and activate valuable first-party data quickly to power personalized customer engagement strategies that can drive loyalty, retention, and revenue. In addition, Braze announced the expansion of its Cloud Data Ingestion offering integrations with Amazon Redshift from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, and Google BigQuery, making it easier for marketers to directly access data in Braze.

Today’s brands are shifting their stance on amassing vast data quantities and instead are prioritizing how to more effectively collect and activate high-quality, valuable first-party data to engage and retain consumers. Despite collecting valuable customer data, internal data silos pose challenges for technical teams, making it difficult to provide relevant data to empower marketing teams. At the same time, 71% of consumers anticipate personalized interactions, and businesses need more streamlined processes to collect, integrate, and activate customer and product data across diverse systems to meet these expectations. With Braze, brands have a more cohesive solution that streamlines data integration, enhances flexibility, and bolsters the ability to deliver tailored customer experiences.

New data products and features announced include:

  • Drive Efficiency with Data Transformation for Custom Data Integration(s): The Data Transformation feature empowers brands to increase efficiencies by integrating with other marketing, operations, and technology investments, allowing technical teams more time to innovate on their products and solutions. This distinct capability enables brands to customize webhook integrations from within the Braze platform and map user data from external software tools into Braze. Enabled by an intuitive user interface, this feature is designed to enhance data flexibility and accessibility. Brands will also have the ability to use AI to generate data transformation code, powered by Sage AI by Braze, helping marketers create custom transformations faster while reducing complexity and reliance on technical skills. Additionally, enhanced Braze identity management tools facilitate the identification and merging of user profiles based on key identifiers such as email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Streamline Data Access for Personalized Cross-Channel Engagement with Cloud Data Ingestion Integrations: With the expansion of Cloud Data Ingestion, marketers can accelerate time to value and eliminate complexities when quickly accessing valuable first-party data to create highly personalized cross-channel customer engagement strategies. Braze integrations with Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, the Snowflake Data Cloud and cloud data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery, offer direct connectivity, synchronization, and data deletion capabilities. These integrations cover user data, encompassing user attributes, events, purchases, and catalog data. This comprehensive feature enhances data management by leveraging the capabilities of the industry's leading cloud data warehouses.
  • Create Precise Targeting with SQL Segment Extensions: Now using Braze, marketers are more equipped with tools to increase revenue by actioning on deep customer insights. With Segment Extensions, brands gain the power to construct and target a wide array of segments through a fast and adaptable SQL editor. This tool provides the flexibility to define intricate data relationships that might be unachievable through other segmentation features. This capability provides a comprehensive and precise approach to targeting specific audiences.
  • Enhance Revenue Generation with Query Builder In-Depth Insights: With Query Builder, marketers can increase revenue by uncovering deeper insights about the customer engagement strategies that are most effective. In addition to the Braze platform’s no-code segmentation tools, Query Builder allows marketers to create tailored data queries, generate custom reports, and extract pivotal insights with fast and flexible no-code and SQL tools. This capability is particularly useful for acquiring in-depth knowledge from your data, enabling more informed decision-making.
  • Improve Personalization with Increased Shopify Support: With enhanced Shopify capabilities, marketers can more easily create personalized campaigns, while also reducing integration complexities. Shopify Multiple Store Support, currently available as a Beta feature, makes it easier for marketers to create highly personalized campaigns that improve the shopping experience, while also reducing integration complexities for marketers. Shopify Multiple Store Support enables the connection of more than one Shopify store to a single Braze workspace, helping brands with sub-business units or regional storefronts to streamline user and customer engagement management. Also, with the expansion of Shopify Catalogs, marketers can directly connect and sync a Shopify store’s inventory of products into a Braze Catalog, allowing for greater automation when leveraging product data to create deeper personalization across messaging channels.

“Leveraging Braze, technical teams can deliver more value faster, spend less time building extra data pipelines, and empower marketers to quickly take action on accurate, accessible data,” said Kevin Wang, Chief Product Officer of Braze. “Notably, with the expansion of our Cloud Data Ingestion partnerships to include leading data warehouses like Databricks, marketers can seamlessly connect and sync data to create more personalized, creative customer engagement strategies at scale.”

“We're excited about the enhanced collaboration with Braze and the lakehouse integration with Databricks. This partnership empowers brands to seamlessly leverage their data for personalized customer engagement, transforming data complexities into actionable insights," said Chris Hecht, SVP of Product Partnerships at Databricks.

Learn more about how Braze is transforming customer engagement through data integration innovations here.

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About Braze

Braze is a leading comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and brands they love. With Braze, global brands can ingest and process customer data in real time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies. Braze has been recognized as one of Fortune’s 2023 Best Workplaces in New York, 2023 UK Best Workplaces for Women by Great Place to Work, and Fortune’s 2022 Best US Workplaces in Technology. The company is headquartered in New York with 10+ offices across North America, Europe, and APAC. Learn more at


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