The Dogo App Is Providing Stellar Dog Training Tips and Tricks As They Discuss Tackling Three Common Canine Challenges

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Almost half of US households have a furry canine friend, and with Dogo, they now have access to expert training guides at their fingertips. The creators and trainers behind this convenient and helpful app also provide how to handle three of the most common issues regarding training dogs.

When a family brings a dog into their lives, it's like stepping into a joy-filled labyrinth. Each wagging tail, playful jump, and excited bark adds color to the days. But just as with any rewarding journey, there are obstacles—mysterious behaviors that perplex even seasoned dog owners. For example, why is this new furry friend gnawing on furniture like it's their last meal on Earth? What drives a dog to pull the leash, like competing in a sled race? And what's going through their mind when they seem inconsolably anxious as people leave the house? Thankfully, dog owners aren't navigating this maze alone. Experts from the Dogo platform have delved into these issues and developed actionable strategies for three of the most puzzling dog challenges: destructive chewing, separation anxiety, and leash pulling. 

More than Nibbling: Unraveling the Mystery of Destructive Chewing 

Contrary to popular belief, destructive chewing isn't a way for a dog to exact revenge or express boredom. However, the latter could be a contributing factor. The motivations can be complex, ranging from stress to dental problems or anxiety. Rather than admonishing this four-legged friend, the first step is to meet their mental and emotional needs. Engage their cognitive faculties with interactive puzzles and toys that can be filled with treats. This not only keeps them busy but also provides mental stimulation. Physical exercise is also crucial. Aim for a daily routine of activity that ranges from 30 minutes to an hour based on a dog's breed, size, and age. Offer safe, high-quality chew toys to satisfy their natural urge in a non-destructive manner. Suppose a dog continues the behavior despite one's best efforts. In that case, it might be time to visit a veterinarian for a comprehensive health check-up. 

Longing and Lament: Confronting Separation Anxiety in a Furry Companion 

Separation anxiety poses a complex challenge for pet owners. Its effects go beyond merely causing a dog to yearn for their owner's presence; it engulfs them in a whirlwind of emotional turmoil, sometimes even manifesting physically. Behaviors such as incessant barking, door-scratching, or unexpected accidents may surface. Experts advocate for a holistic approach that emphasizes consistency in managing this issue. Maintaining a predictable routine for meals, walks, and playtime can give a canine companion a sense of security. Employ subtle 'safe cues' before departure, like briefly holding keys without an immediate exit, to help desensitize a pet to anxiety triggers. Gradually increasing the duration of absences can also help them adapt. Additionally, offering a comforting item imbued with a person's scent, such as clothing, can provide solace. If these strategies fall short, consulting a veterinarian for potential treatments, including medications, might become necessary. 

No More Tugs of War: Resolving the Issue of Leash Pulling 

Leash pulling can transform the peaceful endeavor of walking a dog into a stressful and even hazardous event. Experts offer many solutions to build a respectful and attentive walking relationship between a person and their dog. Switching to a no-pull harness or head collar can provide immediate relief by distributing the pulling pressure and giving more control. Moreover, they recommend the 'stop-and-go' technique: cease walking each time a dog pulls. The dog quickly learns tugging on the leash won't help them reach their destination. Another strategy involves mixing up the walking path, turning randomly, and changing speed to keep a dog attentive and focused on their owner rather than being distracted by the world around them. 


As Dogo concludes this guide, they want to emphasize that each dog is as unique as a fingerprint. A pet's idiosyncrasies require a customized approach, especially regarding behavioral challenges. Understanding a dog's motivations, fears, and preferences is essential to finding practical solutions. And as families fine-tune these methods to suit their dog's unique characteristics, remember that it's not just training a dog to fit into the world. It's building a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. Navigating the joys and challenges of dog ownership is a rewarding process enriched by respecting and nurturing the individuality of each four-legged family member.

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