Customer Journey Orchestration Meets Generative AI Solution: Architect and Sirius AI Is a Better Match Than Canva and Webflow

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Marketers spend over 60% of their time on campaign execution.

From building customer segments to orchestrating omnichannel journeys and creating and optimizing campaign content to convert, it’s no wonder that marketers worldwide feel exhausted. 

Clunky marketing technology aside, consumer expectations are on the rise and are at an all-time high, including an increasing need for brands to deliver connected, personalized customer experiences across every digital touchpoint. Consumers expect the brands they interact with to know who they are, what they care about, what they want, and why, and to deliver it all in the exact moment they require it, on the channel they prefer, and in a style that engages them. 

The rapid adoption of channels like WhatsApp marketing, SMS marketing, App Push, and even Email has caused further problems for marketers, as consumers are more reachable but more distracted and, therefore, harder to engage than ever before.

This article introduces customer journey orchestration and the role of Insider’s generative AI solution, Sirius AI, in simplifying and enhancing every aspect of CX management.

Understanding Customer Journey Orchestration

Customer Journey Orchestration is made possible through technology. This technology is commonly referred to as “customer journey builder,” “customer journey software,” “marketing automation platform,” and more.

Customer Journey Orchestration, facilitated by technologies like Insider's Architect, allows marketers to create personalized customer experiences based on AI and ML insights. Architect offers pre-built templates for journeys, combining data, automation, and personalization. This enables deeper insights into customer behavior, optimized omnichannel experiences, and more effective marketing campaigns.

Generative AI Solution: Sirius AI

Sirius AI is the world’s most comprehensive Generative AI solution for marketers. It has been developed by experts and trained by 1,200+ businesses, including 1/3 of Fortune 500 brands, to help marketers deliver relevant, timely, trustworthy, and personalized experiences on autopilot. 

From segmentation to journey creation to content generation, Sirius AI streamlines the process, delivering end-to-end revenue-boosting customer journeys in minutes, making marketing teams 60X more productive. 

Key Features of Sirius AI

Discover Segments: Sirius AI automates the creation of customer segments, based on complex rules and variables, in seconds.

Create Journeys: It orchestrates omnichannel journeys, using customer data and preferences to design efficient marketing strategies.

Generate Content: Sirius AI aids in content creation, from email subject lines to campaign content, tailored to specific customer cohorts.

Enable Two-Way Conversions: Take advantage of the world’s most popular messaging app, and engage customers in human-like conversations in WhatsApp. 

With Sirius AI, marketers bot become 10X more effective at intent recognition and entity classification, ensuring they can deliver contextual responses to whatever customers are looking for without probing for more information or getting stuck in unhelpful loops. Sirius AI ensures reliable customer experiences, optimized to align with their business goals, including higher conversions, AOV, sales, and product discovery.

Sirius AI on Architect: Improve Efficiency and Save Time

By integrating Sirius AI with Architect, Insider’s customer journey builder, marketers can put journey orchestration on autopilot, eliminating manual effort and guesswork at every stage of customer journey creation. 

With the combined power of Architect and Sirius AI, marketers can now:

1. Execute omnichannel marketing strategies with ease from a single platform. There is no need to manage separate vendors for customer journey software vs. personalization engine vs. WhatsApp marketing vs. ab testing

2. Deliver personalized customer experiences that increase ROI, revenue, CLV, AOV, and more

3.Harness the power of data-driven decision-making by putting ab testing on autopilot so marketers never miss an opportunity to gain more from campaigns

4. Boost productivity and efficiency by 60% across entire marketing team


Modern customers expect nothing less than personalized journeys. That’s why marketers must gain a deeper understanding of customer segments to provide seamless and personalized experiences. With Architect and Sirius AI, marketers not only save time and effort, increase customer loyalty, and discover new segments but also open up more space for creativity and productivity within their team.

Get started today and experience the impact of powerful customer journey orchestration combined with the world's most comprehensive Generative AI solution for customer experience, Sirius AI.

Click here to book a demo and discover how Architect and Sirius AI can help achieve marketing goals.

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