Attic Insulation Removal Service Near Me: Making Homes Safe and Comfortable Again

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The Attic Doctors is a highly reputable insulation company specializing in attic insulation upgrade services, and helping homeowners create healthy living spaces.

Neglected attics pose a potential health risk to homeowners as they become breeding grounds for pests, mold, and mildew. Homeowners who desire a clean and fully upgraded attic in Anaheim, CA, can Google-search Attic Insulation Removal Service Near Me and find The Attic Doctors, a company with expertise in providing attic cleaning and insulation removal and replacement services second to none in Orange County. 

This company’s Attic Clean-Up Service transforms attics into safe and habitable spaces for homeowners,  and improves indoor air quality by upto 40%.  It recently launched a new spring cleaning package called “Attic Cure” which involves the removal of old insulation, performing attic sanitation, and installing new R-38 Owens Corning batt insulation. It also offers a free rodent removal and proofing service. 

The Attic Cure package comes with a $500 discount, and the company’s team of attic specialists will get the job done in a day.

The Attic Doctors team of attic insulation experts is well-equipped to handle any type of attic insulation cleaning. They offer efficient and effective service by using the latest equipment and technology to ensure attics are cleaned up and sanitized, improving the air quality and comfort of homes. 

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The company also removes old insulation materials and installs new R-38 batt insulation, providing consistent indoor comfort and reducing energy costs. The Attic Doctors use only the premium materials to ensure that the insulation is effective and lifetime-lasting. 

Rodents are a common problem in cluttered and dirty attics, causing damage to the property and causing homeowners a lot of stress. The company has a team of well-trained rodent experts who can handle all types of rodent removal&proofing, including rats, mice.

The Attic Doctors provide decontamination and disinfection services essential for attics with pest infestations, employing specialized tools and disinfectants to sanitize the attic space . Eliminating pests such as rats does not guarantee their total eradication, and the problem could recur, causing further damage and disturbance. 

To prevent rodents from re-entering a newly cleaned attic, this team repairs and seals off vents and exterior holes that may become their entry point. The company provides regular maintenance services to deal with recurring problems, aiding property owners in creating rodent-free surroundings over the years.

Additionally, the company specializes in removing and replacing ductwork that maintains indoor air quality and energy efficiency and prevents pest infestations. Attic ventilation preserves the indoor air quality of a building, regulates the temperature and humidity of the attic, as well as minimizes the likelihood of mold and mildew formation. 

The Attic Doctor’s owner, Mark Dawson reiterated that the 5-star HVAC insulation company offers affordable attic cleaning services that leave homeowners worry-free, and added, “The most hidden, yet, health-vital place in your entire home is your attic. Don't waste your money on superficial things, invest in your family's health, safety, and comfort by taking care of your attic space!”

The Attic Doctors' highly-rated professional home improvement services come with over 3  decades of experience offering high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning jobs and ensuring a pest-free and comfortable attic for local homeowners.

About the Company: 

The Attic Doctors is a professional team of insulation and HVAC contractors founded in 1993 and dedicated to improving the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of homes. It offers a wide range of attic services, including cleaning, insulation removal, rodent removal and proofing, and HVAC services. The company’s “Attic Cure” service provides free rodent removal, full-insulation replacement, and a 10-year warranty. The company commits to giving back to the community, offering seniors, new homeowners, military personnel, and teachers discounts on its premium products.

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