Vera Lucia Lima, an Author Sparking Curiosity

Key Points:

  • Vera Lucia Lima’s love for writing was sparked by her curiosity towards history and spirituality. 
  • While Vera was growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, her storytelling style was influenced by her interest in spiritual concepts.
  • Famous for her compelling narratives, Vera Lucia Lima is also a renowned literary figure because of the way she expertly puts together historical events and spiritual themes in her works.
  • Vera began penning her works in Portuguese but eventually translated them for readers in North and South America after a prolific 17-year career.

Spiritual Journey with Vera Lucia Lima

Vera Lucia Lima is not just a spiritual channeler and Brazilian author but also an influencing person who has influenced a number of people with her captivating writing style.  Vera digs into themes such as reincarnation, love, and compassion in her novels. She’s a pro at making readers into her fictional world. Readers are captivated by Vera’s books because of the way she combines historical narratives with spiritual concepts. Have you ever given it a read? If not, then you are missing it a big time. She writes exciting and insightful stories about all times, from ancient times to the present day. And the most appealing part of it is the way she connects it with spirituality. An author with exceptional expertise can only do that.  However, Vera’s books do more than entertain; they provoke thought. Do you know why? It makes you question! It makes you curious to know things. And when you are curious to know things, you are you learn. You may discover that reading her stories makes you think about what you stand for. Moreover, certain dreams serve as sources of inspiration for Vera. She finds inspiration for her tales of love, secrets, and families in her dreams. She also emphasizes the importance of these dreams transcending you from the realities of life. Vera’s life’s work is to find a way to connect with the Divine via love and the beauty of nature. Love and life lessons abound in her writings, which are remarkable. Who would miss a chance to try them? 

Vera-A member of the Australian Writers Guild and the Australian Society of Authors, she stands out! Because Vera is an integral part of the writing community, she thinks its her responsibility to bless the readers with an excellent piece of literature. 

Shameful Times, a remarkable piece of literature: 

“Shameful Times,” Vera Lucia Lima’s latest book, takes place during the troubled times of the Spanish Inquisition. This interesting mix of history and spirituality will captivate readers with its deep exploration of love, loss, and redemption.

Secrets, Love, And Desire

The scandalous and interesting “Shameful Times” takes us back in time to a time when the magical prophetess Isa and the honorable royal advisor Gutler were forbidden to be together. Their story, which has never been told before, shows how dangerous things were for members of Spain’s royal family, like Princess Joanne, whose life was in danger during the Inquisition.

The Fight Between Goodness And Evil

Cardinal Domingues, a cruel inquisitor, is at the center of the story. He is always trying to get more power. A mysterious gypsy woman named Maria Amalia shows up just as he is getting rid of people he thinks aren’t worthy, starting a spiritual battle that could destroy everything.

The Author’s Perspective 

Vera Lucia Lima, a great author from Brazil, serves as a spiritual guide and adds her own view to “Shameful Times.” She describes how there was a time when Lima lived in Sao Paulo as a Christian child. She emphasizes the fact that as she went on a spiritual path, she penned down her vivid dreams. Her passion didn’t even stop there! Her dreams shaped her writing, and today, she writes stories that go beyond space and time through these dreams, giving readers a glimpse into other worlds. Isn’t that interesting? 

Final Thoughts

In “Shameful Times,” Lima tells stories that will take you somewhere else. Each page will take you to a fascinating world full of strong feelings and shocking revelations. Are you ready to get on a thrilling journey, where you will not only get entertained but will also enter the world of spirituality? So, what are you waiting for? Please don’t miss the chance to find out this hidden story. Get a copy of “Shameful Times” right away to start a deep exploration of love, loss, and spiritual growth. 

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