Star Anabelle Ingram Pays Tribute to Taylor Swift with New Singles and Charitable Initiative

Anabelle Ingram, a rising enigma in the music scene, has captivated listeners with her mysterious persona and heartfelt musical tributes. Set to release on May 17, her debut tracks "I 

Wanna Be Like Taylor" #1 and #2 are poised to intrigue and inspire audiences worldwide. 

Despite little known about Anabelle Ingram's origins, her social media presence has surged recently, coinciding with the upcoming release of her debut tracks. The artist's Instagram and TikTok pages feature teaser content and snippets from her music, generating curiosity and anticipation among fans.

 Anabelle Ingram's debut singles, "I Wanna Be Like Taylor #1" and "#2," are available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes and on her Bandzoogle page also available on streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. These songs showcase Anabelle's diverse musical influences. "I Wanna Be Like Taylor #1" features an uptempo electronic style, whereas "#2" hints at a country flavor. This variety leaves listeners intrigued about Anabelle's background and musical journey.

 Anabelle's admiration for Taylor Swift shines through in her lyrics, reflecting a deep connection to the pop sensation's artistry and persona. The artist's genuine tribute to Swift has sparked curiosity about how the Swiftie community and Taylor herself will receive these heartfelt songs.

 In a philanthropic gesture, Anabelle Ingram pledges to donate 5% of all gross profits from her music to St Jude Children's Hospital, underscoring her commitment to making a positive impact through her art.

 "I am thrilled to share my music with the world and pay tribute to the incredible influence of Taylor Swift. These songs are a reflection of my journey as an artist and a lifelong Swiftie."-- 

Anabelle Said

Music fans and enthusiasts are invited to support Anabelle's music by purchasing her singles on Amazon, iTunes and on her Bandzoogle page also available on streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. Stay tuned for her upcoming releases in June titled “Memento Mori” and “the Original Child of Hollywood", promising thought-provoking melodies and captivating narratives, with a portion of proceeds benefiting St Jude Children's Hospital.

 Discover the captivating tribute songs and forthcoming releases from Anabelle Ingram by exploring her official website at In addition, you can enjoy her music on their preferred platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

 About Anabelle:

 Anabelle Ingram's musical journey began amidst diverse cultural influences, shaped by her upbringing on a traveling houseboat. Discovered in 2023 by her manager, CJ, Anabelle brings a fresh perspective to the music industry, blending elements of blues, pop, and country in her heartfelt compositions. Influenced by artists like Janis Joplin, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift, Anabelle's unique voice and storytelling abilities shine through in her heartfelt compositions. 

Contact Information:

 For inquiries, interviews, and collaborations, please contact:



 Social Media:

 Instagram: @anabelleingrammusic 

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