Women Across the Country Who May Have Cancers Caused by Chemical Hair Straighteners Will Be Filing Lawsuits

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Medical studies show women who frequently use chemical hair straighteners, also called hair relaxers, have an increased risk of developing uterine, ovarian, and breast cancers. There may be thousands of cancer cases related to chemical hair straighteners. These products are popular among African American women, so they’re disproportionately affected by these toxic products.

They use potentially cancer-causing chemical solutions to dissolve protein bonds in the hair, changing its structure, “relaxing” curls and straightening hair. Chemicals may enter the body through chemical burns on the scalp. 

Medical Research Shows the Harm Chemical Hair Relaxers Can Cause

Medical studies show frequent use of these products increases the risk of developing uterine, ovarian, and breast cancers. These three cancers kill about 68,610 Americans a year, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Research announced by the National Institutes of Health in October found that women involved in a study who stated they used chemical straighteners often (more than four times in the prior year) were nearly three times more likely to develop uterine cancer than those not using the products. 

While 1.64% of the 33,497 women involved in the research who never used this product developed uterine cancer, 4.05% of frequent users developed the condition over 11 years.

Chemical hair straightener use also increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer, according to research published in 2021 in the Carcinogenesis journal. Researchers followed 40,559 women for ten years, and 241 were diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Those who used the product frequently (more than four times during the previous year) had a greater chance of developing the disease. Dr. Lott stated the study reported, “(F)requent use…of straighteners was strongly associated with ovarian cancer, compared to never use.”

Another 2021 study in the Carcinogenesis journal stated Black women using lye-based hair straighteners at least seven times a year for more than 15 years had about a 30% greater risk of breast cancer than those using it less frequently.

Women Burdened By Cancer Caused by Chemical Hair Straighteners Will Want Justice

Potentially thousands of women developed cancer because of chemical hair straighteners. Pending lawsuits by cancer survivors who used chemical hair straighteners seek compensation for what they suffered, according to Reuters. If a law firm wants to hold cosmetic companies accountable for these illnesses and grow their practice, ZeroRisk® Client Acquisition Program can help.

How Can the ZeroRisk® Client Acquisition Program Help Recruit Chemical Hair Straightener Clients?

The ZeroRisk® Client Acquisition Program connects law firms with new clients. Obtaining strong cases can be a tough, time, and resource-consuming task. ZeroRisk® does this so law firms won’t have to. ZeroRisk® uses a cutting-edge lead generation method to produce the highest quality signed cases. 

The data collection process finds potential clients for law firms. Potential clients are suffering from cancer’s aftermath AND want to discuss their case with an attorney. ZeroRisk®’s case origination strategy identifies and retains the highest quality cases.

ZeroRisk® offers two different levels of Top-Quality chemical hair straightener signed cases.

Standard cases come with a signed retainer and other documents requiring a signature.

ZeroRisk Signed Retainer Cases® come with medical records and evaluations. If the prospect does not meet the criteria or decides not to pursue the case, ZeroRisk® will replace them at no additional cost. ZERO RISK TO THE ATTORNEY!

The company’s medical outreach team:

  • Contacts each lead
  • Obtains additional information as needed, and
  • Informs them of the next steps.

ZeroRisk® protects their privacy because their medical records are obtained in compliance with HIPPA.

The initially higher cost of ZeroRisk® Mass Tort Cases™ is much less than the final cost of acquiring clients. After reviewing the medical records of leads provided by others, attorneys often reject many because they don’t meet their criteria. ZeroRisk®’s rejection rate will be near zero. The company provides law firms with better quality, higher value cases that will generate more revenue.

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