Progressive Group Launches Multistate, Multimillion-Dollar Initiative to Reach Rural Voters

Washington, District of Columbia, United States - 01-18-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

No Dem Left Behind is wasting no time between election seasons. The problems facing our country have never been solved merely by electing politicians. Coalition building and establishing voter consensus to guide elected officials is how real change happens in a healthy democracy. 

“Through our Rural Outreach Coordinated Campaign (ROCC), No Dem Left Behind is partnering with rural activist groups across the nation to bring ballot initiatives and referendums to the voters. We will serve as the central actor in this network of organizations to coordinate key work and connect activists to one another, as well as candidates to on-the-ground momentum. We will also use this infrastructure to create parallel successes with campaigns, encouraging a non-partisan and issue-based agenda that will directly respond to the needs of voters.” - Hassan Martini, Executive Director, No Dem Left Behind 

The vast majority of voters across the political spectrum have shared convictions. If put to a direct vote, the American people will support things like combating housing insecurity, infrastructure reform, and healthcare cost and access inequity. 

“Asking voters directly to determine laws or to go on the record in support or opposition regarding proposals will give politicians the guidance they need to pursue policies the people truly want. Politicians will have clarity on where the voters stand, and the voters will know where the politicians stand.” 

Ballot questions help voters think outside of a party-line divide. The more issue-driven the campaigns and conversations become, the more politicians are forced to discuss their stances on these questions. Rural voters will then begin to notice that they agree with the Democratic policy proposals without the negative connotation attached to them. 

“Winning critical local down-ballot initiatives will be part of a successful strategy to both turn out more engaged voters and bolster top-ticket races.” 

The project seeks to embody the successes of those like No Dem Left Behind's endorsed candidate, and now Senator, John Fetterman. His "every county, every vote" strategy highlighted a key aspect of not just economic populism, but the importance of local connections, and the trust of voters to carry out their best interests. John Fetterman won Pennsylvania with over 51% of the vote, even with pressing health challenges and being demonized by the opposition. 

ROCC represents an expansion of No Dem Left Behind’s holistic approach to national politics and flipping red seats blue. All voters should have a quality Democratic candidate on their ballot, and all representatives should know what their voters want and expect. 


No Dem Left Behind is a one-of-a-kind movement dedicated to winning the rural and working-class vote for Democrats. To learn more about No Dem Left Behind’s initiatives visit

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