3 Fundraising Courses Every Non-profit Employee Should Do To Learn Raising Funds

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The result you will get from your fundraising campaigns will depend on those – your employees – heralding the cause to a large extent. For this reason, you have to ensure they are well-equipped to deliver when it matters. 

This is where fundraising courses come in handy to impart the necessary knowledge to your employees. And in this article, we beam some light on three (3) courses every non-profit employee should take to learn the art of fundraising.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising With Donorbox

Peer-to-peer fundraising is now vastly embraced by non-profit professionals. This shows how valuable or relevant it has become in ensuring remarkable (fundraising) results. To this end, it is vital that non-profit employees have a clue of what this model of fundraising is about. And there may be no other effective way of doing this than through the peer-to-peer fundraising course prepared by Donorbox.

It's essential to understand that a lot of potential arises with employees being able to engage their peers in fundraising campaigns. The P2P fundraising initiative can make a regular friend look like a seasoned fundraiser – it’s all down to leveraging social connections. That said, the primary objective of this course is to introduce participants to the world of peer-to-peer fundraising. 

Attendees will also be taught practical skills to use when adopting the model. Some important P2P fundraising ideas will eventually be shared with you when you take this course. You will have access to numerous videos, resources, and campaign tutorials by signing up for peer-to-peer fundraising with Donorbox. 

Introduction To Fundraising

The proper orientation of new employees is sine qua non for any non-profit looking to get the best out of its workforce. This orientation can come in the form of training – one aimed to serve as some exposure or eye-opener on fundraising. In line with this, we recommend that non-profit employees enrol for the “Introduction to fundraising” course designed by Philanthropy University – or any similar one.

This particular one from Philanthropy University is composed of two different modules. Module 1, titled "seven myths of fundraising", addresses some wrongly held views about fundraising. And it also teaches attendees how to effectively leverage community resources and people to drive the growth of your non-profit organization.

The second module, “Words Every Fundraiser Should Know”, will teach you the language of fundraising. Non-profit employees that go through this training module will be well-equipped to communicate among their (fundraising) networks. 

From the foregoing, it is apparent that this can safely be concerned as a fundamental course non-profit employees should not sidestep. It will certainly create a solid foundation to build a successful (fundraising) career.  

Non-profit Fundraising Essentials

The only reason that non-profit exists is to attend to pressing charitable causes, which can be done when funds are available. Essentially, a non-profit employee won't be without such a cause. So, these employees must learn valuable lessons about fundraising. This can start with enrolling for the course mentioned above, "Non-profit Fundraising Essentials”.

The course is designed to help non-profit employees unlock their entrepreneurial instinct and apply the same while executing fundraising projects. Again, participants will learn how to properly engage and take advantage of different funding sources – from businesses to governments, local companies and others. Developing vital donor relationships to enhance fundraising results will also be taught.

Additionally, the course design entails teachings on ‘funding models and diversification’, budgeting, and storytelling. The lessons are passed down through various resources, including articles, videos, workshop guides, and reading guides. And just to mention, the "Non-profit Fundraising Essentials” course was created by Acumen Academy.

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Taking A Fundraising Course

  1. Where Are My Non-Profit Employees Lagging?
    Non-profit employees may not always be open or inspired to enrol for fundraising courses. So, the onus should be on the organization's CEO or owner to push them to undertake such courses. This could be used as a basis for promotion. You may have to first assess your employees to see where they are lagging. 

    This will ensure that the training is effectively tailored to the learning needs of your employees. Moreover, once you understand their needs, you can recommend – maybe with the help of a fundraising expert – the right course for them to sign up for.  

  2. How effective is the available fundraising course?
    There is no shortage of fundraising courses. The virtual space is awash with courses on different topics about fundraising. However, it is vital to scrutinize these courses and seek out only those that would grant the best impact. By the way, it won’t be cool to while away time going through a course that will eventually add little or no value to your workforce.

    Against this backdrop, you may need to connect with trusted fundraising platforms to set the ball rolling properly. For one, you can consult with an expert on these platforms and communicate your employees' needs. The expert should be able to create an effective lesson plan for your non-profit employees.

  3. How much does it cost?
    It might be best not to overlook the cost when enrolling your employees in a fundraising course. In truth, you don't have to spend a fortune to sign up for these courses. There are a couple of top-quality free courses employees can take advantage of to get better at raising funds. 

    Even if you have to pay, you should try to do some cost and value comparisons between the available options. Never compromise on value and quality when selecting fundraising courses because your organization will be better for it in the long run. 


Progress comes with learning, and this is also true for non-profit employees. These employees will often be at the frontline when it comes to soliciting funds, and it's important that they are well-equipped. This is why they must be taken through the basics by signing up for relevant courses. This has been the focus of this particular piece, where we have discussed three fundraising courses every non-profit employee has to take to be more effective.   

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