5 Essential Fundraising Training Modules For Your Organization

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Fundraising training forms a significant part of non-profits’ activities. Through training, the employees and board members can properly grasp the fundamentals of fundraising. Moreover, with the right training, the fundraisers are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their field.

You must consider some training modules that help bring your team up to speed with valuable fundraising concepts. Given this, this article discusses fine (5) essential fundraising training modules for your non-profit employees.

30 Days To Your Year-End Campaign

The year-end campaign has made a huge difference in the revenue base of many non-profits, and it will be illogical to overlook it. In case you don't know, one season accounts for around one-third of the annual earnings of a sizeable number of non-profits. To this end, learning a few things about the year-end campaign won’t be a sheer waste of time in the least.

This makes the "30 Days to your year-end campaign" training module valuable instructional material for this season. The module was prepared by Donorbox, which has remained a fundraising industry leader for many years. This particular module is intended to help you anticipate and get into the year-end campaign with the right approach. 

The course is facilitated by one of the Donorbox's fundraising professionals with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Through the module, you will be guided on how to plan a year-end campaign that guarantees success adequately. More so, some templates will be shared with you for the campaign after you wrap up the training.     

Principles And Techniques Of Fundraising

Fundraising can prove challenging when the right techniques and principles are not applied. It goes beyond just soliciting funds from people – however, close they may be. There are certain strategies that must be put to use to ensure the utmost success. 

You will be taught this as you subscribe to the "Principles and techniques of fundraising" module.

The course is a foundational training component aimed at imparting knowledge about established tools for raising to participants – fundraisers. 

By exploring this training module, you will also learn proven practical methods and skills used in fundraising. And that's not all; the measures used in developing a donor base and recognizing and validating prospects will also be communicated.

Participating in the training will allow you to network with other fundraising experts. This module will certainly contribute to your non-profit’s growth – as you implement the strategies you pick up from it. 

By the way, this training module is provided by the Lily Family School of Philanthropy, established in 2012, and is affiliated with Indiana University. 

Fundraising And Your Board: The Right Stuff!

The board is a critical component of the organizational structure of top non-profits. These non-profits have found a way of driving greater efficiency through their board members. It's more like the more people committed to the (fundraising) cause, the merrier. 

But this will not just happen; it takes some degree of intentionality to get the best out of the board regarding raising funds.

You can make your board members work for you better if you've got the right training. This would be especially necessary if you've followed a popular trend in putting together a board without doing the required background work. And a very good training module for this purpose is "Fundraising and your board: The right stuff!" which is designed and facilitated by Moceanic. 

You will learn about why a non-profit board really exists – talking about its significance. This would set the tone for you to be able to maximize the board for your operational/administrative and fundraising initiatives. Besides, after the training, you will have a perfect grasp of the roles of individual board members and even effectively assign roles where need be. 

Also, you will get to understand the correlation between your role as the non-profit’s chief executive officer and those of individual board members. Tackling your board members' challenges while raising funds will be much easier as you incorporate some insightful ideas passed down through the training.  

Non-profit accounting and finance course

Financial record-keeping is an integral part of fundraising since money or cash flow is involved. You may only realize how significant this is once you put in for a grant. The accountability of the non-profit organization often sways grantors, and this can only be tracked through your accounting or financial statements. And the thing you must understand is that non-profit accounting is somehow different from that of for-profit organizations.

To this end, you will need to sign up for a module like the Non-profit accounting and finance courses provided by nonprofitready.org. The program will teach you about non-profit financial statements and take you through the rudiments of financial management. Additionally, the course curriculum contains things on non-profit budgeting, resource allocation and more. 

Fundraising 101: Module 1: An Introduction To Non-Profits And Their Funding

Are you new to the fundraising sector – or maybe you're attempting to start one up? If yes, you have to equip yourself with the necessary training. You can get this from Fundraising 101, prepared by David Cuthbert, a veteran in the fundraising industry. This training module opens up the concept and world of philanthropy to you, even as you tap from David's wealth of experience.

The module takes you through what goes into a non-profit’s founding and lets you understand how significant such organizations are in society. After completing this training module, you will surely be more inspired to set up or sustain your non-profit. 

It's worth noting that the course doesn't leave fundraisers halfway. This is down to the fact that you will also be taught how to effectively raise funds to execute proposed charitable causes.


Here, we have shed light on a couple of essential training modules you, as a fundraising professional, can undertake to help the growth of your organization. We've attempted to balance the article, discussing modules for beginner and advanced fundraising levels. We hope you will check out these training modules and act on them accordingly – your growth is the end goal!

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