How To Engage Your Non-Profit Board Members In Fundraising

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Non-profits that leave the most profound impression on the fundraising community are those that ensure everyone is involved in their fundraising activities. The board is a major arm you must pay attention to when attempting to raise funds. Your board members can help you reach your fundraising goal in quick time as they project the non-profit to those within their social circles.

Some non-profits have, however, failed to utilize this avenue as they do not know how to go about it. But you do not have to fall into that category as you read this article – on how you can engage your board members in fundraising. 

  1. Manage Expectations
    It's one thing to set expectations and another to be able to manage such expectations. Without mincing words, effectively managing your board's expectations is a good way to engage members in your fundraising activities. As such, you should clearly itemize what you expect of everyone – to avert any conflict of interest. 

    Generally, all those on board are expected to have a good grasp of your non-profit organization's mission and vision. 
    In fact, their activities have to align with these attributes. As you manage these expectations, you will be able to develop the right board habits or ethics and get the opinions of your board members to drive the organization forward. 

    Maintaining a proactive stance towards resolving issues is much easier if you can judiciously manage expectations. This will further enhance strategic development and assert your commitment to excellence. Over and above all, operations will become smoother, and your board members will better understand how the fundraising sector evolves as expectations are managed.

  2. Proper Education
    Wish to get the best out of your board members for fundraising purposes? Then, please spare some time to ensure they have the proper education. There are a host of resources and materials you can share with them to achieve this. And it must be done consistently; remember that 'learning is a continuous process'. 

    Your board members can benefit from fundraising blog posts prepared by experts in the field. The more they read such posts, the more they grow into the world of fundraising. Besides these, you can also have them attend a series of webinars to gain insights into some emerging trends in the fundraising sector. Nonprofit Webinars are also a great avenue through which your board members can network with other fundraisers. 

    This could eventually build their interest and increase their commitment level. Again, you can sponsor your board members' participation in non-profit conferences, seminars and workshops to gain more knowledge on how the industry works. 

    This type of learning experience can turn a novice – in fundraising – into a veteran in no time. So, it doesn't matter what background your board members are coming from; they can become grounded [in fundraising] with proper education.

  3. Set Up A Fundraising Sub-committee
    Another engagement-driving approach is to set up a subcommittee to oversee certain projects occasionally. You should elect your board members into various positions and have one of them as the team lead. 

    As you do this, you should remember to assign duties based on the capabilities of your board members. It could be about ensuring proper operational management or organizing a specific fundraising event.

    And it's important to have a good balance – this means having those with superior and average qualities together in the same group. It would be wise if you resisted the temptation of having skewed subcommittees talent-wise whereby the most talented members are in a particular group and those that are least talented are in another. In essence, you must put some talent management skills into effect as you set up the subcommittee. 

  4. Highlight Key Performance Indicators
    It may be viewed as a simple step, but highlighting your non-profit KPIs can achieve tremendous outcomes when engaging your board members. 

    To this end, you should endeavour to make known the KPIs associated with every fundraising activity you embark on. This is asides from the general ones that may encompass high revenue generation, donor retention, appreciable pledge fulfilment percentage, etc.

    For instance, a set of KPIs can be connected with your social media fundraising campaigns in which your board members are involved. This would help pique their interests and maintain good focus as they aim to achieve set goals. What this does over time is that it increases the probability of you making more impact with every fundraising project.

  5. Show Impact Through Progress Report 
    Your desire to engage board members will see you share relevant information or details [with them]. In line with this, you should always be eager to show the impact of your board members' fundraising efforts by letting them have regular progress reports. This can be taken in the same light as carrying people along.

    You can take a cue from peer-to-peer fundraising, where fundraisers often use a leaderboard. This leaderboard helps them to properly keep track of the activities of the P2P fundraisers and is there for everyone to access. 

    The stakeholders can see how well the fundraising drive has progressed by merely looking at the leaderboard. You can also fashion something out to represent a progress report as your board members get involved in fundraising. 

    Furthermore, it would be best if you learned to share the joys – and even the lows – of your fundraising initiatives with board members. This would help them to have that feeling of being a part of something worthwhile. That said, you should always be a source of motivation to your board members as they partake in fundraising. Learn to celebrate their little wins and give them a pat on the back when things are not coming their way – as they had hoped. 

Final Thought

A non-profit organization can generate more revenue when everyone gets involved in fundraising. Your board members remain critical elements or arms of the organization and should never be left out of any fundraising drive. It would be best if you were more intentional about engaging them better from now on. You may never know how gratifying this can be until you try it. 

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