Why Non-Profit Employees Need To Brush Up On Their Fundraising Skills

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The most successful non-profits usually leave no stone unturned in ensuring that things are properly organized. This has always given them the edge over others while running fundraising campaigns. And talking about a specific area such non-profits are mindful of; we consider the brushing up of the fundraising skills of the employees. 

Non-profit employees form a vital part of fundraising campaigns. Their commitment can go a long way in guaranteeing the success of any campaign. In light of this, we will extensively discuss why your non-profit employees need to advance their (fundraising) skills. 

Staying Up-To-Date With The Latest Development

One of the most influential aspects of the fundraising process is getting your donors interested in your program. These employees must be exposed to the latest developments as regards fundraising. They will be more open to fresh strategic ideas and even engage donors better. 

Information about recent fundraising trends can be sourced in different ways. These include going through industry books/materials and networking with fundraising experts to learn tactics they employ.

Confidence Booster

With workshops and training programs set out to fine-tune employees' fundraising skills, a feeling of increased self-worth and assuredness. As the workers successfully put the skills to work, they will be more confident in their abilities and themselves. 

When employees sense that their professional aspirations are being backed, they tend to value themselves. This comes with a lot of happiness and job satisfaction and may drive efficiency and workplace morale. Generally, this helps to lower the level of burnout and increase employee engagement.

Improved Effectiveness And Efficiency

The non-profit organization benefits from employees undergoing various activities to improve their fundraising skills. As the workers acquire new skills, they begin to translate it into the organization by putting greater effort into fundraising campaigns. 

To help hone employees' fundraising skills, there are programs such as donor stewardship management and volunteer engagement training. These can be done along with some dedicated writing courses. Several methods, from workshops to webinars, can also be used to train the employees. 

They can get more skills like time management, improved advocacy, and program launching from such training. These would go a long way in raising the effectiveness and efficiency of non-profit operations.

5 Skills Non-Profit Employees Must Possess

  1. Team-Working Skills
    Working in cohesion with others requires critical team-working skills and chemistry. It determines whether or not a non-profit would thrive, as organizational efficiency and success are hugely reliant on interpersonal relationships. Adequate effort should be put into seeing employees of a non-profit working seamlessly together. This can be achieved by assigning team projects to be completed within a given period. Doing this constantly would help increase the workers' cooperation and interpersonal skills.

  2. Communication Skills
    Along with empathy, the important skill a non-profit worker should be looking to have or improve upon is communication skills. Professionals in non-profit firms should seek ways to better their empathetic communication skills and explore even more methods for relating with people — including fellow non-profit employees. 

    Having great communication skills as a non-profit worker means you must interact professionally with whoever you may come across. Also, this should come with acquiring new tactics that can be used to engage an audience. As a non-profit organization that constantly seeks donors to contribute to their cause, you would need to carry them along with effective communication. 

    This is to ensure that they buy into your vision to actualize a charitable cause. The consequences of sub-par communication with donors can be as bad as completely losing their backing.

  3. Storytelling Skills
    Non-profits have constantly used storytelling to captivate their audience, tell their stories and raise awareness, all at the same time. Whether done through a webinar, conference, or expo, storytelling is often used to relay what the organization is about to potential donors to draw their attention to the brand.

    Storytelling skills come to the limelight as non-profit employees aim to present their ask to prospective donors. The presentation is bound to bring a more positive result as the reader's emotion – compassion for the vulnerable – is triggered. Donors are more likely to give as they see the distress of those needing the aid and how their contributions can put smiles on another person's face.

    Non-profit employees can put their storytelling skills to use in different ways. It can be through writing, where they may have to use email or social media to solicit support. Again, the story can be communicated through videos wherein the oral communication skills of the presenter (that is, the employee) will be tested.

  4. Social Media Skills
    Non-profits need to be able to make a statement through social media. But this is not merely a popularity contest. It is an opportunity for your brand to showcase what it is about and eventually attract a new following and donors. 

    The specific use of social media for fundraising requires some skills, and non-profit employees should not overlook this. They should be able to effectively manage the organization's social media pages. More so, with the right skill set, they can maximize the advantages offered by social media to make more impact during fundraising campaigns.

    It's not too taxing to acquire knowledge on the effective use of social media for marketing. Employees of a non-profit can be enrolled in social media optimization (SMO)training programs to hone their skills and add more value to the firm.

  5. Data Analysis
    Non-profit employees also need data analysis skills. Employees that have acquired such skills can put them to use in different ways. For instance, the area of donor prospecting wherein the organization may need to target big donors. Data analysis will surely be useful in developing a non-profit organization's long-term strategy.

    Broadly speaking, the employee's data analysis skills can also come in handy in the financial aspect. This, particularly, concerns maintaining accountability and proper record-keeping. Again, these skills will be helpful when preparing a non-profit's budget. 


Any non-profit employee with exciting career prospects will certainly not desire to remain stagnant. This alone is enough to drive the employee to seek personal development to ensure growth – especially as it relates to fundraising. Essentially, as a non-profit employee, brushing up your fundraising skills is crucial to remaining relevant in the industry.

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