Capital for Real Estate, Inc Announces 100% Financing Hard Money for House Flippers

Houston, Texas -

Capital for Real Estate, Inc, a pioneering leader in financial solutions for the real estate industry, today announces the introduction of a transformative rehab mortgage program. This innovative offering is meticulously designed to provide 100% financing hard money mortgage for the purchase price and rehab costs up to 75% of the After Repair Value (ARV), setting a new precedent in financial support for real estate investors, builders, and rehabbers.

This strategic initiative arrives at a pivotal time when the real estate market is experiencing intense dynamism and growth, driven by a resurgence in both residential and commercial development. As investors seek more agile and flexible financial instruments to capitalize on emerging opportunities, Capital for Real Estate, Inc responds with a program that eliminates traditional financial barriers, thus facilitating a quicker, more effective response to market conditions.

The 100% financing hard money rehab mortgageprogram not only supports rapid project execution with its promise of funds delivery within 14 days but also offers some of the most competitive rates in the private mortgage space. By covering all purchasing and rehabilitation costs, the program allows investors to leverage their capital more efficiently, embarking on multiple projects simultaneously without the usual financial strain.

"Our 100% financing hard money rehab mortgage program is a game-changer, providing unprecedented access to capital that is swift, affordable, and adaptable," remarked the CEO of Capital for Real Estate, Inc. "We are excited to unveil a solution that not only meets the immediate financial needs of our clients but also supports their long-term investment strategies. This program is about empowering investors to act swiftly on promising opportunities with the confidence that they have robust financial backing."

Tailored to accommodate a diverse client base, the program offers terms of 8 or 12 months and is available for mortgage amounts ranging from $75,000 to $3 million. It caters to both seasoned professionals and those newer to the field, with eligibility extending to investors with as few as two previous projects. For the more experienced investor, the program provides up to 75% ARV based on rigorous criteria, including past project experience and financial history, ensuring that financing is both responsible and advantageous.

Moreover, the program is structured to ensure transparency and simplicity in its fee structure, with a one-time application fee of $250 and no hidden costs, reinforcing Capital for Real Estate, Inc’s commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction. The mortgagesare crafted with no prepayment penalties and feature interest-only payments based on the drawn balance only, which optimizes cash flow and financial management for ongoing projects.

In anticipation of the high demand for this innovative financial product, Capital for Real Estate, Inc has streamlined the application process, ensuring that potential borrowers can gain access to funds swiftly and with minimal bureaucratic delay. This responsiveness is critical in the fast-paced real estate market, where the timing of funding can often influence the success of a project.

About Capital for Real Estate, Inc

Capital for Real Estate, Inc specializes in innovative financial services tailored to the unique demands of the real estate sector. The company offers a comprehensive array of funding solutions, including the new rehab mortgages, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern real estate investors. Through a commitment to excellent customer service and the development of forward-thinking financial products, Capital for Real Estate, Inc helps clients navigate the complexities of the market and achieve success.

For more detailed information about the 100% financing hard money financing or to discuss one's specific financing needs, please visit or contact our expert team at (832) 680-5657.


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Capital for Real Estate Inc
Capital for Real Estate Inc
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