Epione Unveils Groundbreaking Non Surgical Butt Lift Led by Cosmetic Expert Dr. Simon Ourian

Epione is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in the realm of cosmetic enhancement, led by the expertise of Dr. Simon Ourian: the non surgical butt lift. This state-of-the-art procedure brings forth a transformative option for those contemplating a buttock enhancement but preferring to sidestep conventional surgery's complexities. Located in Beverly Hills, Epione stands as a beacon of cutting-edge, non-invasive cosmetic solutions, empowering clients to realize their beauty aspirations absent the prolonged recuperation and potential hazards tied to surgical approaches.

For those interested in learning more about the range of services offered by Epione, including the newly unveiled non surgical butt lift, feel free to visit our website where detailed information about each treatment is provided.

Dr. Simon Ourian, a vanguard in cosmetic dermatology, has played a pivotal role in the conception and refinement of the non surgical butt lift. His prowess and forward-thinking methods have birthed a technique that leverages FDA-sanctioned fillers to infuse volume and sculpt the buttocks, manifesting a marked elevation in shape and aesthetic appeal sans incisions. “The trajectory of cosmetic procedures is inching towards less intrusive alternatives that still uphold gratifying outcomes,” Dr. Ourian articulated, underscoring the escalating demand for procedures akin to the non surgical butt lift.

A principal advantage of the non surgical butt lift resides in its notably brief recovery phase, a stark departure from the protracted healing timeline synonymous with traditional surgeries. This characteristic holds vast appeal for individuals wary of the healing duration requisite of surgical undertakings and the inherent complications of more intrusive methods. Moreover, concerns related to scarring and the employment of general anesthesia are substantially mitigated, rendering the non surgical butt lift a compelling proposition for those yearning to augment the allure of their buttocks.

Dr. Ourian insists on a bespoke approach to the non surgical butt lift, recognizing the idiosyncratic needs and aspirations of each patient. “Our treatment schemes are meticulously tailored to align with the distinct preferences and anatomical specifics of our patrons,” he elucidated. This individualized strategy guarantees outcomes that not only exude a natural aesthetic but also resonate with the patient’s physique and aesthetic yearnings.

The journey towards a non surgical butt lift begins with an exhaustive consultation, in which Dr. Ourian and his team delineate the procedure, converge on the patient’s aesthetic goals, and chart out the optimal treatment trajectory. Cutting-edge techniques are subsequently employed to judiciously administer fillers, meticulously crafting and elevating the buttocks to secure the envisioned effect.

With the roll-out of the non surgical butt lift, Epione reasserts its dedication to pioneering advancements in cosmetic dermatology. This procedure heralds a promising avenue for those in pursuit of a safer, minimally invasive method to procure a fuller, more sculpted buttocks profile.


Epione invites anyone drawn to the non surgical butt lift or its array of cosmetic offerings to make inquiries for further details. Under the seasoned guidance of Dr. Ourian, patients can anticipate premier-grade care tailored to achieve their cosmetic objectives with paramount safety and accuracy. This pledge to superiority and patient fulfillment perpetuates Epione’s stature as a luminary in cosmetic dermatology.


For more information about Epione, contact the company here:

Dr Simon Ourian
444 North Camden Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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