NYC Real Estate Attorney Natalia A. Sishodia Sheds Light on the Pitfalls of Attorney Review in Real Estate Transactions

NYC Real Estate Attorney Natalia A. Sishodia Sheds Light on the Pitfalls of Attorney Review in Real Estate Transactions

NYC real estate attorney Natalia A. Sishodia ( of Sishodia PLLC has recently published an insightful article that navigates through the complexities of the attorney review process in real estate transactions. This process, which can often be misunderstood by buyers and sellers alike, is a critical phase where legal professionals ensure that a real estate contract is fair and legally sound before it becomes binding.

The significance of the attorney review cannot be overstated, as the NYC real estate attorney emphasizes in her article. The attorney review serves as a safeguard for clients, allowing for the thorough examination and negotiation of contract terms. "Most real estate transactions fall apart during the attorney review stage," states Sishodia, highlighting the delicate nature of this phase.

In the bustling and competitive landscape of New York real estate, having a knowledgeable NYC real estate attorney becomes crucial. The article by attorney Sishodia outlines the typical duration of an attorney review and the types of negotiations that can occur, which usually span three business days but can extend due to pressing concerns between parties.

The article also addresses a common query: Can a seller accept another offer during the attorney review? Sishodia clarifies that sellers indeed have the right to entertain other offers during this period, a fact that can lead to unforeseen outcomes for potential buyers.

"Understanding the attorney review process is essential for anyone looking to buy or sell property in New York," advises Sishodia. The attorney review involves not only the basic terms of sale but also intricate details such as deposit due dates, scope of inspection, mortgage contingencies, and various potential closing issues.

Natalia A. Sishodia further discusses the importance of understanding all aspects of a real estate contract, from financing terms to closing costs and fee responsibilities. This attention to detail ensures that buyers and sellers are not caught off guard by any aspect of the transaction.

The article emphasizes the value of legal counsel in real estate transactions. An attorney's role is multifaceted, from protecting legal rights to identifying contractual issues and negotiating favorable terms. "The relatively small legal fee paid to have an attorney review the contract is well worth it," asserts Sishodia, to ensure a smooth transaction and safeguard one's financial and legal interests.

For those navigating the complex landscape of New York real estate, whether buying or selling, this article serves as a guide emphasizing the importance of due diligence and legal guidance. Engaging a competent NYC real estate attorney is not just recommended, but a critical component of a successful real estate transaction.

To readers looking to delve deeper into the attorney review process or seeking legal assistance for real estate transactions, the article by Natalia A. Sishodia serves as an invaluable resource. It underscores the necessity of having a legal professional on their side, someone who can provide clarity and protection throughout the complex journey of buying or selling property.

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Sishodia PLLC is a New York-based law firm that prides itself on offering comprehensive legal services in real estate law. Led by Natalia A. Sishodia, who brings a wealth of knowledge and a meticulous eye to every client's real estate transaction, the firm is dedicated to excellence. The attorneys at Sishodia PLLC ensure that clients receive personalized attention, clear communication, and a dedicated approach to securing their real estate interests.


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