Artists Sou A Kou and Tetsuya Komuro Unveil Largest Ink Painting and Music, Through Exclusive NFTs on AmazeWallet

Eternal Fuji, a mixed-media collection of music, art, video interviews and more about Mount Fuji release soon, accessed via 10,000 buyable NFTs on AmazeWallet.

Iconic Japanese artists, Sou A Kou and Tetsuya Komuro, today reveal their newest project. The creative endeavour combines the largest Japanese ink painting ever, at 9.2 meters (30 feet) wide and 3.6 meters (10 feet) tall, and a unique musical performance about Mount Fuji by Komuro. They give access to own a piece of this masterpiece through one of the limited 10,000 Digital Tokens exclusively offered on AmazeWallet. This limited-edition project is called Eternal Fuji and interested individuals can register for early access on the website.

Conceived by Japan’s Award-Winning Artists

It has been conceived by two revered artists, Sou A Kou and Tetsuya Komuro, who both have left indelible marks on their respective fields. Tetsuya Komuro is a Japanese musician who made his debut in the 80s with his band, and later as a music producer, dominated the 90s and 00s as a game changer in the Japanese music scene. His originality and accomplishments have had an impact far and wide throughout Asia to this day. He has created over 1,600 songs and sold over 100 million CDs in Asia. In other parts of the world, he has composed the theme song for the FIFA World Cup in France. In 1998, he and Jean-Michelle Jarre performed at the "RENDEZ-VOUS '98 ELECTRONIC NIGHT" that attracted 1 million people in front of the Eiffel Tower. He has written the theme song for the Hollywood movie "SPEED2", and is also known for "GET WILD", the theme song for the world-popular Japanese anime "CITY HUNTER". His band TM NETWORK will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year.

Sou A Kou is celebrated as an ink and wash art virtuoso, whose works are collected by the Japanese Imperial Family and in recent decades by many Japanese Prime Ministers, as well as presented to then-president of China Mr Hu Jintao by the official Japanese delegation. He has won the UN World Academy Award, the U.S. Cultural Arts Award and the Art Prize at the World Art Exhibition in Paris.

Widening Access Through Innovative Technology

Uniquely, this project also offers the ability to buy and sell from a secure mobile phone app. This is made possible by the first ever "mobile first blockchain" digital wallet. The technology, built by AmazeWallet, acts like a mobile ‘vault’ using attack-resistant security to keep private keys and data safe. Only owners have access to investments. The app offers a comprehensive suite of features, including a self-custodial wallet, a dApp browser, a digital ownership marketplace and more. Only 10,000 Digital ownership will be offered, enabling buyers to hold a digital representation of this historic mixed media ink painting.

Securing one of these limited edition Art Tokens allows enthusiasts to be an integral part of an ongoing creative process, with new content created through audience input added over time. The NFTs are backed by real-world assets. The first collectors will receive 50% profits from the sale of the underlying music and art. Token holders will also be paid additional rewards from staking when they use AMT, the native token.

Incorporating Global Performance Art 

In addition to owning a digital piece of the rare mixed media ink painting, the project offers the chance to experience an exclusive musical performance inspired by the artwork, to explore the visual intricacies through photography, and enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes video content. Participants will also be able to make their mark permanently by an innovative approach where people can share thoughts and reflections on the artwork to be added to a collective, evolving repository.

Early Access and Grand Unveiling

To acquire one of the limited Digital Tokens and claim a share of this artistic canvas, early access registration is now open on the AmazeWallet website. The official unveiling of this historic project happened on 27 November in Japan, which was an unforgettable evening with the artists themselves, top collectors, investors, and esteemed guests. The artistic collection and library of content, exclusively powered by AmazeWallet, the mobile blockchain ecosystem, will have more added over time. AmazeWallet have also included a crypto staking pass to earn additional income with every Token purchase. If anyone is interested to sign up to get early access to the Digital Tokens on the website.

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