Pride Month travel: How Hosts around the world are creating safe spaces

(BPT) - Pride has always been a time to celebrate identity, love, and inclusivity for major destinations and charming towns around the world. Every year, Pride festivities attract millions of participants, showcasing the inclusiveness and diversity of their respective communities. This year, Airbnb has reported an increase in Hosts using LGBTQ+ inclusive language in their profiles - a testament to how Hosts are leading the charge for embracing LGBTQ+ travel.

Building an inclusive community

Since 2017, the number of Hosts around the world using LGBTQ+-inclusive language has surged by nearly 90%, signifying a shift towards an even more welcoming and inclusive community. These Hosts are spread across the world, from the vibrant streets of Portland, Oregon, to the sun-kissed shores of Sitges, Catalonia, embodying the spirit of Pride Month and offering a hospitable, inviting atmosphere for all.

A Morning Consult Brand Intelligence study further underscored this trend, revealing that 41% of LGBTQ+ respondents, irrespective of travel purpose, identified as Airbnb users - 8% higher compared to the overall percentage of U.S. leisure travelers. The reasons for this preference are clear: the commitment of Airbnb Hosts to inclusivity and the rise in the use of LGBTQ+ affirming language in their profiles. This resonates deeply with guests, fostering a sense of safety and acceptance.

LGBTQ travel by the numbers

According to Airbnb last year, Pride is a top ten weekend for travel, with June 24th, a common Pride weekend which commemorates the Stonewall riots, being one of the most searched check-in dates globally.

This shift toward greater inclusivity and Pride travel is celebrated by individuals like Kit Williamson, acclaimed actor, creator of the hit Netflix TV show EastSiders, and proud Airbnb Host, "When my husband and I travel," Williamson explains, "We always gravitate toward listings that use inclusive language. The fact that more and more Hosts are taking this approach is a testament to the evolving attitudes and acceptance within our global community."

Becoming a hospitable Host

The potential impact of building an inclusive community is significant. Hosts using inclusive language and creating safe spaces are not only fostering acceptance; they are also contributing to their local economies. During last year's global Pride celebration weekends, Hosts collectively earned more than $77 million.

Pride Month serves as a reminder that LGBTQ+ individuals deserve spaces where they are celebrated, not merely tolerated. By becoming an Airbnb Host, you can contribute to creating these spaces and fostering a more inclusive community in your neighborhood this Pride Month and beyond. To learn more, visit

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