Vivos Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VVOS) Secures Strategic Alliances to Enhance Clear Aligner Offerings and Bolster Revenue Streams

Vivos Therapeutics Announces Strategic Agreements with Ormco and On Demand Orthodontist

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: VVOS), a prominent medical device and technology company, has recently unveiled two pivotal strategic agreements aimed at augmenting its existing product line and potentially unlocking additional revenue streams in the near term. The company, which specializes in developing and commercializing proprietary oral appliances for treating breathing-related sleep disorders, is set to collaborate with Ormco and On Demand Orthodontist (ODO) to provide Spark™ Clear Aligners to its national network of providers.

Collaborative Endeavors with Ormco

Kirk Huntsman, Chairman and CEO of Vivos, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Ormco, a recognized division of the publicly-traded Envista Holdings Corporation. He highlighted the reputation of Spark™ Aligners as a preferred choice among orthodontic specialists and emphasized the substantial use of clear aligners by Vivos-trained providers as a crucial element of their Vivos treatment. The agreement with Ormco not only facilitates a robust collaborative effort but also lays the foundation for combined marketing and sales support from both companies’ field sales teams.

Anticipated Benefits for Vivos Patients

Utilizing Vivos CARE devices in conjunction with Spark Aligners, Vivos anticipates patients to experience expedited treatment durations and enhanced predictability for positive clinical outcomes. The agreement also enables Vivos to facilitate pricing discounts for its providers while maintaining margins for the company.

Partnership with On Demand Orthodontist (ODO)

The agreement with ODO introduces a novel service to Vivos providers, offering direct access and case collaboration with airway-focused orthodontic specialists. These specialists are poised to assist in optimizing clinical outcomes for Vivos cases. ODO orthodontists exhibit a strong preference for Spark™ Aligners, attributing this to their numerous proven clinical capabilities and advantages over other aligner brands.

Mutual Benefits for Vivos and Vivos-Trained Dentists

Vivos-trained dentists are set to reap the benefits of improved overall pricing, while Vivos is poised to gain from a distribution margin associated with each case. This mutually beneficial arrangement is expected to enhance the offerings of Vivos and provide additional support to its network of providers.

Clinical Observations and Expert Opinions

Dr. John Warford, Clinical Director at ODO and a nationally acclaimed expert in clear aligner treatment, shared his insights based on close consultation and collaboration with Vivos doctors. He expressed his admiration for what he has observed and noted that Vivos CARE device technology appears to work symbiotically with Spark™ Clear Aligners, delivering commendable results for patients. Dr. Warford emphasized that the combination of products and techniques utilized with Spark™ Aligners and Vivos CARE devices is unparalleled, especially for patients with compromised airways.

Future Implications and Expectations

The strategic agreements executed by Vivos Therapeutics with Ormco and ODO are not only expected to add potentially significant new revenue opportunities for Vivos but also to bring in airway-focused expertise and potential cost advantages. These collaborations signify a step forward in Vivos’ commitment to providing effective and efficient treatment options for patients, while also ensuring that their network of providers is equipped with top-tier products and support.

A Win-Win for All Parties Involved

These partnerships are anticipated to be mutually beneficial, providing Vivos with additional revenue opportunities and its providers with access to premium products and specialized expertise. The collaborations also pave the way for further advancements in the treatment of breathing-related sleep disorders, ensuring that patients receive optimal care and outcomes.

Looking Ahead

As Vivos Therapeutics continues to forge ahead, these strategic agreements mark a pivotal moment in its journey, potentially unlocking new pathways for growth, development, and enhanced patient care. The collaborations with Ormco and ODO underscore Vivos’ dedication to innovation and its unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of care provided to patients across its national network.

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