US Global Investors says Costco’s Gold Sales are Shaking Up the Market

U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes joined Steve Darling from Proactive to delve into the enduring allure and recent market dynamics surrounding gold. Over the span of the century, gold has consistently proven its mettle, outperforming the S&P 500 by an impressive margin of 50%. This enduring value of gold has been influenced by a myriad of factors, including deliberations among G20 finance ministers, central bank policies, and the tenets of modern monetary theory (MMT).

Holmes underscored the significant role played by central banks in bolstering gold's prominence, noting a trend of consistent acquisitions dating back to 2010. Over the past two years alone, central banks have collectively added an average of 1000 tonnes of gold to their reserves annually, underscoring their enduring faith in the intrinsic value of this precious metal.

Moreover, Holmes highlighted a fascinating retail trend that has emerged in recent times, exemplified by Costco's remarkable success in selling $100 million worth of gold wafers in a short span. Notably, a substantial portion of these sales were attributed to professional Asian women hailing from China and India, reflecting a deep-seated cultural affinity for gold within these demographics. This demographic segment, accounting for 60% of gold demand, is often referred to by Holmes as "the great love trade."

The discussion further delved into the evolving landscape of gold purchasing, with notable shifts such as the Bank of Nova Scotia's exit from the gold market. In light of such developments, retailers like Costco have stepped up to meet consumer demand, making gold more accessible to a wider audience.

Looking ahead, Holmes offered insights into potential future trends, including the anticipated impact on junior gold mining stocks and broader retail implications. He hinted at the possibility of gold's availability expanding into mainstream retail outlets, envisioning a scenario where major stores like Walmart could soon offer gold as part of their product offerings.

As the conversation unfolded, it became evident that gold's enduring allure transcends mere investment value, embodying a cultural and historical significance that continues to resonate with investors and consumers alike. Stay tuned as U.S. Global Investors continues to navigate the intricate dynamics of the gold market and uncover opportunities for investors in this precious metal.

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